If you bought new or second laptop with windows 7/vista bundled from a certain country like Japan, Korea or China you will face difficulties with the language. The language interface is not english and it became a big problem.

If you try to find the solution from Microsoft, they will answer, please upgrade your windows to ultimate version. They ask you to waste your money, only to change the language.

Fortunately, I have easy and free solution for the problem like that. Hmm, actually the solution is not from me, but from vistalizator.

All you need is only go to vistalizator website: http://www.froggie.sk/screens.html and follow the instruction there.

There are several step that I get from the website and also based on my own successful experience.

1. Download the vistalizator software and language pack that suitable with your windows (32 or 64).

2. Run the vistalizator application and click “add language” button


3. Choose the type of language (LIP) that suitable with your windows. Click it and wait for loading.

screen02 screen03

4. Install the language until finish.

screen04 screen05 screen06

5. Choose english as new display language, then click update  and restart. screen07

screen08 screen09 screen13

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